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Clear Your Record And Embrace A Brighter Future

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, an error in judgment can lead to criminal charges and a conviction or guilty plea. Even if you have been law-abiding ever since, a criminal record can cast a long shadow in California. It can create barriers to essential aspects of life, making it difficult to secure housing, obtain credit or land a desirable job. The Law Office of Sean M. Hobson understands that your past doesn’t represent your present or future and believes in second chances.

Navigating the process of expungement in California can be complex and intimidating. The Law Office of Sean M. Hobson in Escondido is here to guide you through the expungement process, enhancing your chances of a successful outcome. San Diego attorney Sean M. Hobson applies his extensive experience and creative legal approaches to present a compelling argument for why you deserve to have your record cleared.

What Does Expungement Do?

Expunging a criminal record means erasing it so that it is as if it never happened. An expunged charge or conviction will not show up on a background check ever again.

Under California law, expungement can be sought for various items on your criminal record, including:

  • Arrests that did not lead to charges
  • Charges that were dismissed or resulted in a “not guilty” verdict
  • Certain misdemeanor and felony convictions

Only convictions for nonviolent, nonsexual and nonserious criminal offenses are typically eligible for expungement. The Law Office of Sean M. Hobson will meticulously review your record and provide honest advice about your likelihood of success. The firm will handle all necessary paperwork and court filings on your behalf with a commitment to efficiency and attention to detail.

Give Yourself A Fresh Start

Don’t let your past limit your future any longer. Contact the Law Office of Sean M. Hobson at 760-640-9777 to arrange a complimentary consultation to discuss the possibility of expunging your criminal record. Call or email us today to take the first step toward clearing your name and reclaiming control over your life’s narrative.